Being Muslim A practical guide - Asad Tarsin

Being Muslim - A Practical Guide -  Asad Tarsin, forwarded by Shaykh Hamza Yusuf 

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This book is a compilation of essential concepts and timeless wisdom compiled from over 20 reliable authorities in Islam, bringing all of these components together in one convenient, easily readable guide.

Whether you are completely new to the religion or need to brush up on some of the basics, Being Muslim is an excellent guide to reconnect to the most essential aspects of Islam. The entire manual clearly explains the most fundamental aspects of the faith and assumes no background knowledge at all.

'Being Muslim' uses the Narration of Gabriel (Hadith Jibril) as a basic framework, that covers 

  • The Basic of Islamic Belief,
  • How to pray and Fast, 
  • Spiritual refinement,
  • A brief examination of the life of the Prophet Muhammad, 
  • An introduction to the Qur'an, 
  • Guidelines for living an Islamically ethical lifestyle. 
  • Includes a glossary of frequently used Islamic terms, 
  • an appendix of short selections from the Qur'an, and 
  • a list of recommended reading.

From the foreword by Shaykh Hamza Yusuf

"All of the great learning that Muslims displayed throughout their history was always predicated on a foundational, core knowledge that the great usuli scholars of Islamic jurisprudence called fard 'ayn, or 'the individual obligations."

"This short book has that little amount of individually responsible knowledge necessary for a new Muslim or an unlearned Muslim rediscovering his or her religion. Dr. Asad Tarsin has rendered our community an important service by designing and writing a concise, useful, and accurate manual of core knowledge that every Muslim should know. It is a basic manual, and much needed in our time of great ignorance from within and without the Muslim community."


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